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One room appartments
Apartments : One room appartments
Location Video
Room area 52
Bedrooms 1
House on Samana 2
Villa : House on Samana 2
Location Video
Room area 5500
Bedrooms 4
Villa Bayahibe
Villa : Villa Bayahibe
Location Video
Room area 11394
Bedrooms 12
House with pool in Ejecutivo
Villa : House with pool in Ejecutivo
Location Video
Room area 374
Bedrooms 3
Las Cayenas
Apartments : Las Cayenas
Location Video
Room area 50
Bedrooms 2
Los Corales
Villa : Los Corales
Location Video
Room area 240
Bedrooms 0
Villa Orquidea
Villa : Villa Orquidea
Location Video
Room area 800
Bedrooms 4
White House
Villa : White House
Location Video
Room area 8951
Bedrooms 9
Oceana L-208
Apartments : Oceana L-208
Location Video
Room area 236
Bedrooms 3
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Briefly about us:

Hello, dear visitor of the website about real estate in the Dominican Republic!

You have probably thought about purchasing a villa, house or an apartment in the Dominican Republic, haven't you?

My name is Andrey Lobanov and I want to introduce you the country where I have lived and worked for more than 20 years - the sunny Dominican Republic. It is a country of year-round summer, white beaches, turquoise waters and beautiful houses by the sea. Many of you know and love this country as a place for a great vacation, but I want to offer it as a place for permanent or temporary residence and perspective real estate investments!

The Dominican Republic is an actively developing country with a powerful hotel business, excellent roads, developed agriculture. Except exotic fruits and organic vegetables you could find here fruits and vegetables familiar to Europe and Russia. Here you can graduate at several Universities (including the first University of the New World) and the diploma will be recognized all over the world, including the United States. Secondary schools education involves learning of several languages at the same time. The climate is tropical sea, the average monthly temperature is from +25 to +28 C, the hottest month is August - up to +31 C, but the sea winds soften the heat even at this time.

Today the Dominican Republic is a promising place for real estate investments. For example, here you can still buy land with a beautiful beach at price of $15 per square meter, as well as houses and villas which prices will not leave any investor indifferent. In addition, the country is rapidly being built by the luxury real estate projects fully equipped with modern infrastructure and apartment complexes on the Atlantic coast at various distances from the beach. Constantly monitoring the market, we have complete information on all real estate objects and are ready to offer you the most reasonable prices for buying or renting a villa, apartment or house!

Arial Realty undertakes all the necessary tasks: from finding the best option for investment in real estate, taking into account all the nuances, up to complete execution of the transaction with all the necessary official documents. We only work with trusted and experienced lawyers and real estate lawyers. We are fluent in Spanish and for many years of work in the country we have thoroughly studied the mentality of local residents, which allows us to conduct competent negotiations with sellers and builders of houses and get the most favorable conditions for you.

We strictly comply with the laws of the country, which guarantees you a completely legal execution of the transaction for the registration of real estate in ownership. Our lawyers also deal with the preparation of documents for permanent residence or citizenship.

We are ready to advise and help you remotely or take you to the Dominican Republic for any period of time with accommodation in a hotel or house and show all the profitable options for investment in real estate.

Hollywood celebrities and millionaires from all over the world have already chosen the Dominican Republic for their temporary or permanent homes and villas, but the Dominican Republic is glad to accept everyone and offers everyone their own version of pleasure! We are ready to send it to you and carefully consider them together.


Best regards, Andrey Lobanov.

Our advantages:


  • 20 years on the real estate market in the Dominican Republic
  • officially registered company
  • own staff of reliable lawyers and attorneys
  • transactions with all the necessary official documents
  • excellent command of Spanish
  • absolute understanding of the mentality of local residents
  • competent negotiation in the interests of the Buyer
  • many years of positive experience in the field of investment and shopping
  • full ownership of reliable information
  • registration of permanent residence and citizenship

Andrey Lobanoc CEO

Our team

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